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The world will always be home to disadvantaged people: It will also be home to those with the power of change in their hands. Make up your mind today and be a positive change agent in the lives of others

‘I conclude each day with a silent prayer of gratitude and one of desire for the day ahead.  I see it in all its wonder and know that I’m the architect of my own great future’


Kieran Revell believes totally in the power of the human spirit and the ability of the individual to rise above adversity. With goodness in our hearts and a clear and focused determination, there is no challenge we can’t overcome.


Each of us has the capacity to be a positive influence in the lives of others. We're born with unique leadership qualities and through opportunities offered every day, it really is a choice we make to step out of our comfort zones and assist others to be the best they can.


Revell has always had a heartfelt desire to assist others to be extraordinary, in spite of the challenges life puts in our way. In particular, he harbors a strong interest in the plight of the disadvantaged. Some years ago he took the extraordinary step of living on the streets to better understand the struggles of life's disenfranchised. During that amazing time, he met some wonderfully warm characters and heard stories of death, misery, failure, injury, illness and loss. During this life-changing experience, he met and spoke at length with a Vietnam veteran. It was a time of true awakening where Revell found and embraced his life purpose.

From that moment, he realized he had a path to follow and since that time, has used his many life experiences to develop a series of television programs to help re-empower the homeless and disadvantaged.


‘To the homeless veteran – thank you for your service. To you we owe so much, we can never repay it. Take my hand in friendship. It’s the least I can do in gratitude for my liberty’



The first program is a unique  9 part series designed to lift and re-empower homeless veterans. The first of it's kind anywhere in the world, some people who have heard the idea and read the treatment, have referred to it as 'a blessing'; 'extraordinary'; 'brilliant'; 'life-changing';  'a gift'; 'amazing in content and delivery'; 'a real game changer'.


Don't turn away from those who are vulnerable. Fill your heart with compassion and respect. Turn freely towards those who need your help. It opens you to the gifts of respect, faith, trust, hope and a great deal more self-love

This eye-opening series offers an opportunity to bring those who currently live day-to-day on the fringes, back from the brink and re-empower them to re-connect with their families, friends and communities. This program provides the life-changing opportunity for the disenfranchised veterans to re-establish their lives, with ongoing assistance and support.


The program provides medical and psychological assistance and support, along with many other important services, many of us take for granted.  It also examines in-depth, the cause and nature of PTSD and how it affects the incarceration of veterans. It looks at the incidence of drug dependence.  We speak with various charities and gain a much better understanding of how the topic of veteran homelessness impacts the global community. There is so much unique content.


Revell has written the treatments for many other programs for the disadvantaged and disabled, including several music programs. They too have the power to empower and enrich, through their unique content and delivery.


Revell knows and in some ways understands the plight of the homeless. It's not a choice but an inevitability for many people who find circumstances overwhelming and obstacles insurmountable. Many face struggles and challenges which seem to be all-consuming. Sadly, they have no-one to listen to them and offer support.  As a consequence, their lives can spiral out of control.


‘Within each of us lies the power of inspiration and quality leadership: Dig deep and warmly embrace the ability to lift others to extraordinary heights’


Homelessness is not a disease which you can catch from others.  It is however, an epidemic which continues to sweep the world. It can't be transmitted through a smile, friendly word or a small donation. There's no protection for the individual in ignoring homeless people through crossing the street or turning your back on them. Homelessness and disadvantage have so many causes, especially in the current fast-paced world in which we live.


If you’re a company, a ‘not-for-profit’ organization or an individual and you have a desire to make a difference in the lives of homeless veterans, contact Revell today and together, do something extraordinary for the future. We can make a difference.


Kieran Revell is a person of action. He has the experience to help you make some exceptional gains with your life. If you are a business owner or company executive and you're searching for improvement within your organization but you're unsure of the next step, contact Revell today and allow him to help you begin the process of enrichment.  Whether that's in the areas of confidence, workplace harmony, motivation or enthusiasm among your employees, allow Revell to create a program specifically for your needs and watch as your business begins the amazing process of improvement.


'Open your heart and mind to the plight of others. Give freely and generously of your time, love, compassion and respect to those in need. It will come back to you in so many life-enriching ways'


Imagine the possibilities ….

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