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As one door closes, another invariably opens when you have goodness in your heart and a vision in your soul

is not simply measured by what you do, but rather in the way you do it and the attitude you carry even in the face of overwhelming adversity
Kieran Revell - Ethical Conscience Based Leadership Consultant

Leaders need not always

stand at the front: 

They should however always stand proudly behind their business, the brand and those whom they seek to inspire and empower.

This is the essence of true

Ethical Leadership


Imagine the possibilities ……

About Kieran Revell International


Kieran Revell International is a Leadership and Communication Consultancy. It was created by Kieran Revell over 25 years ago in a drive to help businesses worldwide embrace the more altruistic aspects of personal and professional development.


Kieran is a driven and compassionate thought leader. He thrives on a challenge and the embraces task of assisting others to find within themselves, the ability to embrace success and prosperity in their lives.


At Kieran Revell International we believes that each of us has a genius residing within, irrespective of who we are or what our circumstances might be.  With some assistance and support each of us can learn to harness that power: The possibilities suddenly become endless.


As business owners and leaders, we have a specific duty to enrich the lives of our employees, our family members and communities in which we live. Every day gives us endless opportunities to add immeasurable value and depth to the lives of others through a responsible approach to our style of leadership. It means understanding and embracing the need to treat people with respect, trust, faith, compassion, tolerance and understanding.


Kieran Revell had an inauspicious beginning to his life. As a six year old he was punished at school for being left-handed. He was told by a teacheer he had 'The hand of the devil''. Every day he had his left hand caned and tied behind his back. He was seated in the rear of the class and forgotten.


Ten years of physical and mental abuse and the subsequent bullying that followed, lead to an advanced speech stutter which severely impacted his self-confidence and feelings of self-worth. It was a dark and  painful time which all but consumed him.


This period of abject misery lasted through his teenage years:  However, there was an incredibly bright light at the end of the tunnel. He cured himself at age 17 through a love singing.  Suddenly the sun began to shine on his life in a way he was until that point, unable to imagine.


A near-drowning episode at the same age saw him embark on a lifelong quest to find meaning in life and assist others to rise above adversity.


Some years ago, Kieran spent seven days living on the streets of Sydney. He wanted to understand the plight of the homeless and know what aspects of life can be so drastic as to drive people to become 'the forgotten'.


He met some extraordinary individuals and heard many tragic stories of loss, illness, injury, abject misery and even death. One of the extraordinary people he met was a Vietnam veteran.  This man's story of pain and misery moved Kieran to tears.  He had at last found his true purpose.  It was to become a key component of his ‘Enrichmentor lifetegy’.


Kieran uses the lessons learned in his many life experiences to improve his skills and experience to further develop his exceptional programs on Ethical Leadership  and Effective Communication. His team has also created an outstanding program to help cpmbat bullying - in the schoolyard and the workplace (this is also a topic on which he has first hand experience).

He has used  those skills to write treatments for a number of TV programs to enrich the lives of the disadvantaged. Principly among them is his 10 part series to empower homeless veterans; the program is a world first nitiative designed to begin and continue the healing process, eventually returning them to their families and communities where they so rightly belong.


Within a positive and focused business environment, Ethical Leadership nurtures harmony, encourages commitment and engenders respect for all


According to Kieran, to live life to the full we must first be spiritually and emotionally fulfilled. It’s important we find the courage to move out of our comfort zones and fully embrace the role of leader, supporter, mentor and enthusiast.


When we challenge ourselves, we give power and depth to our drive to be the best we can. In those moments we can more confidently face reality as we move from the bubble of mediocrity into the bright light of purpose.  We build on our courage and determination to succeed.

Kieran has learned a great deal about the rich and limitless power and depth of the human spirit. He clearly understands how a business can struggle: Equally, he knows how a business can thrive and subsequently achieve unimaginable heights, when the leader has the ability and the willingness to instil within employees a new focus, the right mindset, a positive approach to the workplace and a solid plan of action. This then becomes the formula for turning a business towards a very optimistic future.

Our children are the future of this amazing planet and their ability to rise to the challenges they will invariable face, depends upon the positive action we take today. We can help them grow to be responsible, compassionate and inspired adults, at the same time adding value, colour and clarity to our own lives.

Use your heart in unison with your head and you will become an extraordinary and unstoppable force for good in the global community


Kieran used the memories of his years being bullied and time on the streets to elevate his passion, determination and optimism for life. He has used those and other experiences to improve his skills and knowledge for the further development of his extraordinary programs on effective leadership, empowered communication, self-confidence building, workplace harmony and so much more.

He has been called a ‘fresh thought leader’; ‘a phenomenal storehouse of knowledge’ and ‘a powerhouse of energy and passion’ as he empowers leaders and inspires employees. He has an insatiable drive to bring out the best in others. It also serves to bring out the best in himself.


Every day offers fresh, new opportunities to shine. There are countless chances to assist others to grow and evolve. The challenges we face and obstacles we overcome make us stronger and continue to build our resolve to be the best we can.


Kieran Revell can bring that same drive, focus, passion and determination back to your business to instigate immediate and lasting improvements to all aspects of the work environment.


When you have happy, enthusiastic and confident staff members you also have a strong platform for growth. That becomes the first and most important step in re-energizing your business.


'Fill every moment with happiness, passion and optimism now, rather than wish for some future enrichment on which to pin your hopes for a better life’

Wherever I leave an impression of love, gratitude and selflessness on those with whom I come into contact, I have provided them with a lesson in humility and a blueprint for personal success

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