Kieran Revell - Ethical Conscience Based Leadership Consultant

Kieran Revell International supports and encourages success and prosperity. It begins with an altruistic approach to positive and focused business leadership, effective communication and unrivalled customer service standards. We believe the future belongs to us all, irrespective of our means or circumstances.


Success is the right of each and every one of us and certainly not a privilege reserved for a few fortunate individuals. We need only believe in ourselves, lay down a plausible plan of action and begin working towards our dreams and goals.


The term Ethical Leadership was coined by Kieran Revell in 1999. He was searching for a style of leadership which would add immense value to employment standards, at the same time engendering real support, assistance and the encouragement of  personal and professional growth and development.‚Äč

Kieran Revell has faced many huge challenges, trials and tribulations in his life. Through it all he found the strength and courage to rise above taunts, bullying and heart-breaking events to create a global leadership company.


Revell has worked in a number of businesses and taken a variety of jobs because he wanted to study leadership (and management) styles first hand. He was both encouraged and appalled by what he uncovered. He found a real void in the approach many people took to the topic of (ethical) leadership.


Some people found themselves in positions of authority through default and they capitalised on their good fortune.  Others saw it as their rite of passage, irrespective of any possible lack of skills and experience. Revell found many qualities to embrace and so many behaviours to change, in the pursuit of leadership excellence.


Perhaps you find your life drifting aimlessly on a tide of indecision and apathy, from one unfulfilled day to the next: You may be searching in vain for a bright light on the horizon. Perhaps your business is in the doldrums and you're urgently seeking answers.  There could be aspects of your life which no longer inspire or empower you. Now you're looking to re-ignite that spark: You've come to the right place!

The many programs, products and books offered here at Kieran Revell International are specifically designed to assist corporations, not-for-profit organizations, small/medium enterprises (SMEs) and individuals to re-align values, elevate their confidence and re-establish workplace harmony, to ultimately improve the bottom line.


There’s no better time than right now to realize the innate capacity you have to make a potentially miraculous impact on the lives of others.


Empower and enrich your own life, assist others to achieve personal and professional goals and become an extraordinary force for good in the greater global community.


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